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Furthur Live at Verizon Wireless Arena on 2010-02-18

by Furthur

Verizon Wireless Arena
Manchester, NH

Source: AKG480/CK63 > Hydra > V3 analog > MR1 (24/48)
Setup: DINa, DFC, OTS behind SBD, 13' high, about 75' to stage
xfer: MR1 > audacity (level/fade) > ssrc_hp (to 16/44) > cdwav > flac
Taped/Transferred/Seeded by: Joe Bouchard (SmokinJoe)

Disc 1 / Set 1:
01 crowd/tuning
02 Feel Like a Stranger
03 Loose Lucy
04 It Must Have Been the Roses
05 Deep Elum Blues
06 Just A Little Light
07 Money for Gasoline
08 Loser
09 Sugaree

-- set break --

Disc 2 / Set 2:
01 crowd/tuning
02 Truckin
03 Deal
04 Viola Lee Blues
05 Nobody Girl >

Disc 3 / Set 2 continued:
01 Bird Song >
02 Born Cross Eyed >
03 Scarlet Begonias >
04 Fire on the Mountain
05 Sugar Magnolia
06 crowd
07 Donor rap
08 The Weight*

* First time performed by Furthur

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Verizon Wireless Arena
Location Manchester, NH

Source AKG483 > V3 > MR1
Lineage MR1 > audacity > ssrc > cdwav > flac
Taped by SmokinJoe
Transferred by SmokinJoe


Phil Lesh - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Bob Weir - Guitar and Vocals
John Kadlecik - Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Chimenti - Keyboards
Jay Lane - Percussion
Joe Russo - Drums
Zoe Ellis- Vocals
Sunshine Becker - Vocals

This is now "shnid 106154"


Reviewer: furthur123 - - November 14, 2011
Subject: 1st furthur show
Read about Furthur forming the previous fall and was psyched to hear theyd be doing a full tour. Think this was the one where right before they went on, this kid with dreads sat down next to me and said he was there "for the good vibes" Real good second set.
Reviewer: Topez3388 - - May 30, 2010
Subject: elm st
Deep Elm Blues
Reviewer: Boston Music Hall '78 - - March 5, 2010
Subject: Whats up with the American Idol wannabees
Finally the boys are putting out something that is worth listening to since spring '91 but too bad you cant hear it over all the American Idol auditionees in the audience.If you want to sing please save it for your own living room, I would like to "listen to the music" like Robert Hunter wrote. Ive been following and taping the boys over 30 yrs and it seems like now everybody has to sing loud enough for the next section over to hear them. Makes me sure miss Reconstruction, Legion of Mary, and early JGB days those were the tours to follow.
Reviewer: ScarletFire92 - - February 23, 2010
Subject: Furthur 2/18
This was my second Furthur show and i hope it isnt my last. I attended Wallingford 12/11 and this one. They took the stage at 8 and started to tune up. I was about 50 feet from JK, on his left side. The tuning became to sound like Music Never Stopped, but it soon became clear it was gunna be Stranger. They dive right into it and it sounds great. Bobby flubs the lyrics one time, but it's still great. Then comes Loose Lucy and I liked the addition of the backup singers. Up next was a slow, but very nice, Roses sung by JK. The entire crowd was singin the chorus and in the background, there was a red rose like aura moving on the screen. Very nice. After that came Deep Ellum. I liked Weir singin the majority of this one. Also, the sound of his jangly Strat was a nice touch throughout. Also a nice piano solo by Jeff. He's a demon on the keys. Then came a Brent song, Just a Little Light. Sung by JK, it was so cool how he let the the last "Just a little sweetness" roll out for almost 30 seconds before finishing the line. Then I was so happy when Weir started into Gasoline. I was hoping they'd play it this night. "Spin the Wheel" had everyone singing along. Loser followed and JK had an amazing solo. Sugaree closed the set and had dramatic climaxes only to be stopped for Weir's vocal. The crowd went nuts when the song had its quiet moments after a climax. The setbreak lasted about 50 minutes and then they went into Truckin. It featured Weir with an adult rated lyric at 6:10. I was surprised at what I heard but they couldnt have done it better. Deal followed and it had another solo by Jeff. A monstrous Viola came after and JK's guitar was insane throughout it. Then the crowd went quiet and listened to JK's reading of Nobody Girl. I looked around and most people around me were sitting in their seats and not dancing. I think it was so mellow that people just had to take it all in. Then Phil finally sang a song. Bird Song. It was very nice being sung by him. I wished for Chain, but i wasnt disappointed by Bird Song. Then Weir's Born Cross Eyes blasted through the arena and it sounded great. He came in too early and shook his head after haha. I laughed. Scarlet>Fire was next and it featured JK's guitar work and Phil's insane bass playing. Magnolia was next and the entire crowd sang along. Then Phil came out and did his speech and its really great that he's advocating this great life choice. The encore was The Weight and was the perfect song to close. JK, Weir, and Lesh all had verses but Lesh didnt take his normal verse which caused him to peek at his telepromter during his verse, but it still was flawless. I had a great time, and I cannot thank Bob and Phil more. Can only ponder what they have in store down the road.
Reviewer: Monadnock - - February 22, 2010
Subject: Killer
I attended this show. I've been a fan of John Kadlecik for several years and fully welcome this lineup. Many of these songs were written and orchestrated with Jerry licks and John is able to repro them accurately.

The traditional Scarlet->Fire blew the stack off the joint. The presence of backup vocalists were vital to the overall vocal quality. Second set is higher energy but first set is still well played and enriching.

I hope this bus doesn't stop.
Reviewer: ExeterDeadhead - - February 22, 2010
Subject: Mellow but goo
Was at this one. I think it is a very mellow show, with the band slightly holding back a great deal of the time. All I kept thinking was "I'm going to get my doors blown off tomorrow night in Amherst." I had a very good time at this one (and got to slow dance with the missus during the Weight to boot) but I was right about the following evening!
Reviewer: lazyriver - - February 22, 2010
Subject: Please stay away from verizon arena
I really liked this show. The first set didn't have as much energy as they normally give out, but the second really picked up and was great. the one real problem I had with this show wasn't the band at all, but the venue. A seated floor? No dancing in aisles at all without getting yelled at by a turtle for 10 minutes? I was getting stared at by 3 security guards the entire show. Not the best environment. Boo Verizon Wireless Arena. I really love going to these shows more than pretty much anything but I felt that the restricted-ness of the venue really showed through in the playing. They knew. Have to love furthur! gotta hate verizon...
Reviewer: EdNH - - February 21, 2010
Subject: Good Recording Decent Show
This was my first Furthur show. Fun to see the winter tour version of Shakedown Street in Manchester on Elm St. Spent my pre-show time in a nice little bar called Strange Brew. I love Warren Haynes work with the Allman Bros and Govt Mule but never felt he was a good fit with the Dead. I was happy to see that Phil and Bob opted for John Kracelik, a guitarist whose style is more consistent with the music overall. We had good seats and the sound wasn't too bad for a hockey arena. Overall the show was good but, as is always the case since Jerry passed on, short of fantastic (thats why we have the tapes ;)This show is well worth the download and the taper did a nice job capturing it for us. Rock on
Reviewer: literacy - - February 20, 2010
Subject: just ok..
great seat, ok first set, good second set, nice recording..thanks
Reviewer: 71tapeworm95 - - February 20, 2010
Subject: nothing left to do but ........
My first time seeing this new line up. They lived up to my expectations! Nice mellow show with lots of Jerry tunes. I was hoping for a Truckin' and a Deal and I got 'em both back to back.
Thanks to Smokin' Joe for the music. Nice Job!!
Reviewer: deadhead33s - - February 20, 2010
Subject: Great show
ill be there a the BOB area this Monday 22/10. it would be cool if Robert hunter would join them like he did with the other ones.
Reviewer: furthurFAN - - February 20, 2010
Thanks for getting the show up so soon. I had my fingers crossed when I was doing the search. I was at the show Thursday night and it was like a breath of fresh air! I hadn't been to a show all winter and I'm glad I picked this one. Anyone who hasn't seen this band should get off their a$$ and go see them! Infact they should check out NATEVA in Oxford Maine July 4th weekend. Derek Trucks & Susan T, Moe, Zappa, Furthur, Flaming Lips and more. Thanks again Joe, good job!!
Reviewer: gojohnnygogo - - February 20, 2010
Subject: Great show
A great show from the start."Must of been the Roses" was downright beautiful. This ones a keeper. Great job on the recording SmokinJoe, this one is just as good as the Miami recording from Zman. Thanks
Reviewer: Wake of the Flood1 - - February 20, 2010
Subject: Born Cross Eyed...nice..
Hopefully some Board tapes of this stuff will surface soon...? but this is one of the better Aud.

The drummer sounds good on Born Cross eyed...
Reviewer: Ottomatrix - - February 20, 2010
Subject: :)
Thank you very much Joe
Reviewer: rockitman - - February 20, 2010
Subject: Sweet...the pay boards ain't got no low end balls
Thanks !
Reviewer: DarkStar1972 - - February 20, 2010
Subject: !
Thanks Smokin Joe fo this heady recording
Reviewer: Mike, Margate, FL - - February 20, 2010
Subject: Can this band get any hotter??
Excellent show and nice recording. Very quick on the post and much appreciated by all of us types that weren't lucky enough to be at the show. John K, Bobby, Phil, Joe, Jay, J.C and those sultry sweet ladies singing back up are getting the job done with a lot of flair. The audiences from Florida to N.H. and soon NYC have soaked up every note this band plays and are definitely into the sing along tunes and frankly there is nothing anyone can desire more than spending a night or two with this band. They will warm the cockles of your heart and a few other body parts as well. Get ready for sore feet NYC!!!! Furthur is rolling your way!!!! Be thankful/grateful that you have a ticket and hopeful that you can score that miracle and get your self a spot to dance.
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